Agenda is a management system for events, appointments and contacts. A fully customized web application developed to serve an organization’s day to day operations. With tools such as organizing events and contacts management Agenda is an excellent choice for any business.

General Features

  • Increased efficiency
    Every information is available through the system, so reaction time is limited.
  • Better planning
    Never miss an appointment or event since your tasks will be better organised.
  • Convenient
    Access from anywhere through the use of a web browser 24/7.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
    Agenda provides users with advanced search capabilities so as to easily, accurately and quickly find exactly what they are looking for.
  • User friendly
    Agenda is a very simple and user friendly application designed and developed so as everyone can use it.
  • 100% modular application
    Any modifications or additional services can be adopted to meet future business needs.
  • Security
    Organization’s data are extremely valuable. Agenda supports and protects these data using the latest technology of SSL Encryption Systems.
  • Backup
    Agenda provides automated back up features according to each organization needs.
  • Privacy
    Information is secure and password protected.


  • Administrator dashboard for report overview
    Direct and consolidated information on a single screen regarding the main activities/tasks/events/notifications/appointments of the organization.
  • User Access Roles and Permissions
    Administration and users accounts with different levels of access.
  • Add/Edit/Delete an event, appointment, meeting or contact
    Agenda enables administrators to create, edit or delete an event, appointment or contact, with relative ease.
  • Printable contracts
    Agenda provides administrators with the ability to have their contracts agreements created and printed out automatically. These can be modified to meet the requested layout according to each companys branding. Additionally each contract is being automatically saved at a predefined location with the file name being parameter specified by the user (i.e. date, type of event).
  • Address book
    Agenda provides an online address book where all contact - organisation details can be stored.

In a difficult business environment that economies of scale are a necessity of survival for every company, Agenda aims to offer these opportunities that will drive businesses to better organizational efficiency and optimized performance.