DAMS is a web application solution, for the aviation industry.It can be customised in accordance with the needs, requirements, standards and practices of any aviation organization / authority.

DAMS aims to cut operational and processing costs, eliminate the possibility of human error by registering and monitoring every action online. Bring your organization together by eliminating silos of information (i.e. customer’s progress, flight log). Be informed of what is coming up and overdue the moment you login.

Darkpony Aviation Management System is simple, reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective

General Features DAMS

A web based solution customized to meet your organization’s needs.

  • User friendly
    DAMS is very simple and user friendly to use for both users and administrators.
  • 100% modular application
    If any any new regulations or rules change in the future, modification and adjustments is possible to be adopted. DAMS can be further developed to meet any organization’s needs.
  • Access anywhere and anytime
    DAMS can be easily accessed from anywhere and at anytime, simply through the use of a web browser.
  • Advanced searching capabilities
    DAMS provide administrators advanced search capabilities so as to easily, accurately and quickly find exactly what they are looking for with just a few clicks.
  • Notifications
    Through DAMS users and administrators receive system updates via email. Constant information allows faster and better reaction in trainers and trainees requests.
  • User access roles and permissions
    Administration and users accounts with different levels of access.
  • Security
    Organization’s data are extremely valuable. DAMS supports and protects these data using the latest technology of SSL Encryption Systems.
  • Backup
    DAMS provide automated back up procedures according to each organization needs.

DAMS features - sections

  • Administration dashboard for report overview
    Direct and consolidated information on a single screen regarding the main activities/tasks/reports/notifications of the organization.
  • User access roles and permissions
    Accurately and easily record data regarding the organization’s fleet. Receive real time notifications regarding maintenance or technical issues about a specific aircraft.
  • Fleet – Aircraft monitoring - Management
    Accurately and easily record data regarding the organization’s fleet. Receive real time notifications regarding maintenance or technical issues for a specific aircraft.
  • Personnel management
    Manage effectively the personnel of the organization.
  • Trainee management
    Register and monitor the progress (ground and flight school) of trainees of the organization. Moreover supervise in real time their progression in regards to flying and ground training.
  • Examiners management
    Personal information regarding examiners data can be recorded using this module. Moreover the result regarding a flight examination that an examiner had with a trainee of the organization can also be tracked.
  • Ground school
    Since theoretical knowledge is essential in Aviation, DAMS provides all the required capabilities so that all information regarding ground school is easily recorded and retrieved.
  • Flying school
    With this module the pilot (trainee or personnel) can have its personal digital logbook. Information regarding all the elements that are involved with the flying process can be saved.
  • Certificates and ratings
    Manage Pilot/Medical Certificates and Ratings regarding all the personnel/trainees of the organization.

DAM’S main goal is to increase aviation safety through an efficient management and control tool for companies in aviation sector.