One of the leading building and civil engineering construction groups in Cyprus

Iacovou Group is one of the leading building and civil engineering construction groups in Cyprus with a history of over 60 years in the construction sector.  It has successfully completed projects in Cyprus, Greece, UK and the middle east and has gained specialization through innovative construction methods in airport works, bridge and highway construction and other complex civil engineering jobs. The group is involved in all sectors of the construction industry, from concrete and asphalt production to high rise buildings next to the beach.


Collaboration between Darkpony and Iacovou Group started in 2013 with the design and development of corporate website of Iacovou Development (member company of Iacovou Group) and continued with the implementation of group’s webpage.

The website of Iacovou Group should be able to reflect the status that the Group effectively represents. High quality animations and graphics harmonically accompany the elegant fully responsive design we chose in presenting the Group.

The navigation experience is built for serving all kinds of users, even the most demanding ones, while it maintains an ergonomic design, simplicity and economy of space. The way we used high resolution images and graphics realistically reflect the magnitude of the architectural designs and the quality of the Group.

The website is built based on Darkpony WebCMS, that offers administrator's the necessary tools to manage content. Moreover extra emphasis was given to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure the possibility of high organic search results on search engines (Google, Yahoo etc).

Utilizing the knowledge and expertise in the field of website design and development, we believe that we have created the best end result for the presentation and promotion of Iacovou Group.