Όροι Χρήσης

1. Introduction 

1.1 The website (hereinafter "Website") belongs to Darkpony Internet Services E.E., based at 40 Makedonias St., 555 35 Pylaia Thessaloniki, tel.: +30 2313 008 705, VAT No: 800630294, IRS: Z’ Thessaloniki, e-mail: info(at)darkpony(dot)com and provides high quality Internet services. 

1.2 Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the Website (Terms of Use), the Privacy Policy, as well as the Cookies’ Policy before proceeding with any action, interaction, access and use of this website. The access to, browsing and use of the Website and the services provided means the unconditional acceptance by the visitors / users, registered or not, of the website, of its terms of use and operation (hereinafter "Terms"), which govern the use of this online store and the pages it contains, which bind all its visitors/users. In case of the User’s disagreement with any of the terms, he/she must stop immediately and avoid browsing the Website. The use of the Website’s content is therefore subject to the unconditional acceptance of the: a) Terms of Use b) Privacy Policy and c) Cookies Policy.


2. Scope - General Terms - Access and Use of the Website, Order and Payment

2.1 These terms govern the use of the Website and its services by the visitor / user (hereinafter the User), as well as the processing of any personal data of its visitors. The User is invited to read carefully and accept these terms. In case of the User’s disagreement with any of the terms, he/she should stop immediately, avoid browsing the Website and notify its administrator if required.

2.2 The terms existing to the “Terms” section also apply to any other terms contained in the Website. The unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use is irresistibly presumed and binds the consumer pursuant to Section 2 (3) of the Law 2251/1994 (Law of Consumer Protection).

2.3 DARKPONY reserves the right to freely, unilaterally and without notice, revise, modify or repeal the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and the Cookies Policy. Posting on the Website itself is sufficient for any new Term to enter into force, or to modify or remove an existing Term. DARKPONY reserves the right to modify, suspend, cease the operation of the Website and / or the services provided, at any time and without notice, subject to the rights of users and third parties by law or by contract with DARKPONY.

2.4 All Terms are essential. The violation, in any way, of the Terms by the visitor / user entails the sanctions of the current legislation and the obligation of the user to compensate any damage of DARKPONY or a third party, by the illegal and non-compliant behavior of the user. DARKPONY, in case of violation of the Terms, may prohibit the user from accessing the Website and the services it offers, delete the user’s account and the information communicated by the user, without any notice, and exercise all rights provided by law.

2.5 The non-exercise of the rights of DARKPONY deriving from these Terms, does not imply its waiver of these rights in any way, nor does it imply the tacit abolition of any Term. DARKPONY is also not responsible for violation of the Terms due to reasons of force majeure, including indicatively war, pandemic, physical catastrophes and all other uncontrollable events and situations.

2.6 The users / visitors are obliged to respect and comply with the Greek, European and international laws and regulations, which apply to the use of the Website; the users / visitors should the exercise their rights within the limits of good faith and fair-trade practices, should not hinder its use by third parties in any way and not perform acts or omissions, which may cause damage or malfunction to the Website, affect or endanger the provision of services by the Website.

2.7 DARKPONY declares that it is not responsible for any damage of any counterparty or third party caused by illegal behaviour of the counterparty or third party, as long as it fulfills its own obligations. The services of the Website are addressed exclusively to adults. It is forbidden for minors to use or visit it, as well as to conclude transactions. The Website bears absolutely no responsibility for any visit and use by minors who have no legal capacity to conclude transactions, as it cannot verify the identity of incoming users / visitors.

2.8 The Website strives to maintain and ensure the availability of the website and its content. Regardless of these efforts, the availability of this website depends on various factors, such as, for example, the technical equipment of the users, the number of users trying to connect to this website or the internet at the same time, etc. The Website is also entitled to maintain properly the website, even if this results in the inevitable temporary shutdown of its operation.

2.9 DARKPONY reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to change the nature and content of the Website, as well as to suspend or cease, temporarily or permanently its operation. Its operation may also be ceased or suspended or impeded for reasons beyond its control or will. The Website makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness, validity and clarity of the information and its general content but does not guarantee or is responsible towards users / visitors for the security and content of the website; moreover, it cannot guarantee or is responsible towards users / visitors that data (photos, texts etc.) or other elements included in its content, do not infringe the rights of third parties.

2.10 User and Customer Views 

The DARKPONY website may provide its users and customers with the opportunity to publish their views on a product displayed on the website, as well as to comment on Sections and opinions published on this website. This content, if available, is and remains the sole responsibility of the user from whom it originates, and the user remains solely responsible for it.

The user understands and accepts that this information is published after a prior check of DARKPONY, which explicitly reserves the right not to approve their publication, as well as the right to remove afterwards at any time any content published by the user.

The user accepts that by using the pages and services of DARKPONY he/she may be exposed to content with which he/she does not agree. He/she also understands and accepts that DARKPONY cannot be considered as embracing or that it is responsible for the content published by the user. The judgments and opinions of users and customers are completely personal, and the pre-check as well as their publication by DARKPONY does not mean that it agrees or accepts their judgments or opinions or that it agrees with their correctness.

2.11 Methods of Purchasing our Internet Services

The main way of requesting and receiving the high-quality Internet services from DARKPONY is via telephone (+30 2313 008 705) and e-mail  (info(at)darkpony(dot)com), 24 hours a day, all days of the year.

You can also visit our headquarters at 40 Makedonias St., 555 35 Pylaia Thessaloniki and place your request live. 

When ordering by e-mail do not forget to include the phone number where we can contact you directly, because even if the information you sent us electronically is complete, we will have to confirm your request by phone.  At this point, however, we would like to reiterate that ordering via the telephone of DARKPONY is the best method for receiving high-quality internet services, because it ensures the completeness of your request, customises the services exactly to your needs and minimises any human factor problems that may arise (e-mail misunderstandings, misinterpretations of orders etc). 

2.12 Charges - Payment Methods 

DARKPONY accepts payment by deposit in the Bank Account of Piraeus Bank 


The partner who serves you will inform you on the exact amount of money, which should be deposited in the Bank Account of DARKPONY. We recommend the use of electronic banking (web banking), which is currently available from almost all banks nowadays because it significantly speeds up and secures the whole process.

In any event the money that should reach our account should be EXACTLY the amount stated by the respective partner CLEAR, without any further charges or reservations. Especially in the case of Web Banking when you are asked to specify who bears the costs (sender, recipient or both) you should choose "Sender" for both banks. 

Darkpony will start preparing your order as soon as the money appears in the Bank Account of DARKPONY. 


3. Responsibility - Security 

3.1 The content of the Website is provided "as it is". Every effort is made for the security and validity of the content. However, DARKPONY neither can be committed, nor does it guarantee or does it assume any responsibility regarding the content and security of the Website. The user accepts that he/she uses the published content and the offered services at his/her own risk. Users / visitors who do not trust DARKPONY are invited not to visit or use the Website.

3.2 Users / visitors are encouraged to use anti-virus software, which is highly advised because it will protect them also from other malicious programs and components. DARKPONY states that it closely monitors the security level of its services on the web, by using programs against the spread of viruses and malware. However, users / visitors, while browsing the Website, are advised to use protection software, because DARKPONY bears absolutely no responsibility for any damage, injury, or infection from cyber viruses and / or other malicious programs, in computer or other electronic means and devices in general, in the programs and data of the user / visitor of our services, during the access and use of the Website, nor is it responsible for any damage related to inability to execute, errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, operation or transmission delays or system line drops etc.

3.3 The visitors / users of the Website are explicitly prohibited from interfering in the format, function, services, content, databases and any element of the Website, using any mechanism, malicious or non-malicious software, electronic or non-electronic process, sending unwanted or harmful files, such as, for example, spam, viruses, malware, etc., which would affect, damage, inhibit, disrupt and generally interfere with its proper function. DARKPONY reserves the right to seek redress for damages that may be caused to it by illegal behaviours, such as those mentioned above, as well as the criminal prosecution of the person(s) in charge.

3.4 DARKPONY is absolved from any responsibility for the content that any third parties publish on the Website, as long as it meets the obligations of care and control prescribed by law.

3.5 DARKPONY cannot know the truth of the information provided by the user and hence consider the person providing the personal data to be the real subject of it.

3.6 DARKPONY is not responsible for side effects and damages from the use of provided services, whether due to incorrect choice of services by the user, careless or incorrect use of them. The liability of DARKPONY in the case of a defective service is limited to the obligation to replace it, provided that the conditions of the law are met and the terms of DARKPONY are respected.

3.7 DARKPONY  is not responsible for any temporary or permanent inability to provide its services and for delays in the acceptance and execution of orders, for reasons not attributable to its fault, such as, but not limited to, reasons of force majeure, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, emergencies, strikes, unlawful interventions by the counterparty or third party, malfunction of the Internet Payment Processing Provider (Bank) or the hosting service provider or the Internet service provider (ISP) or the access service provider or the user terminal equipment, incorrect provision of data by the user and in general for any incident that hinders the smooth fulfillment of its contractual obligations. The responsibility of DARKPONY is limited to its obligations under the terms of use and the relevant legislation and will make every effort to meet them, within a reasonable period of time.

3.8 Any potential information and advice provided, on issues related to health, prevention, nutrition, beauty and aesthetics, are offered for information only and in no way replace medical advice, opinions, diagnoses and prescriptions from professional doctors, medical institutions and diagnostic centers, which must be received and followed by the user of the services of the Website, in order to deal with any health problems and daily issues that concern him/her. The advice and information provided by the Website in response to user questions are provided subject to the accuracy, completeness and truthfulness of the information provided by the user, for the issue that concerns him/her, the characteristics of which (information) the Website is not in a position, nor is it required to confirm. In case of untrue, inaccurate and / or incomplete information by the user, DARKPONY is absolved from liability for the validity of the advice provided and from liability for damage to the user from information and / or advice unsuitable for his/her needs.

3.9 DARKPONY is absolved from any liability for any damage to the user, legal or contractual obligation to the user and any direct or ancillary claim of the user or third party, if the user violates the Terms of use and operation of this website, proceeds to invalid, inaccurate and incomplete provision of the requested and non-requested information and data, develops illegal behavior, in the context of its browsing the Website, violates the rules of conduct of users, legal or customary, improperly fulfills its legal and / or contractual obligations, through acts or omissions. The user explicitly accepts and acknowledges the exemption, as mentioned above, of DARKPONY and accepts that he/she bears full responsibility for his/her actions and the ancillary obligations to compensate the injured.

3.10 The website of DARKPONY provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, illustrations, etc.), products and services available through this website "as it is", without any expressed warranty or/and implied in any way.

3.11 DARKPONY does not guarantee that the content of the Website and the quality of the services provided - through it - will meet the needs, requirements and expectations of its users / visitors. Any direct, consequential, ancillary, indirect or consequential damages arising from the access to this website, or its use, do not create responsibility for the Website, the executives, employees or associates of the Website and / or DARKPONY.

3.12 DARKPONY  in no case bears responsibility for any claims of legal (civil and / or criminal) nature, nor for any damage (positive, special, or negative, which indicatively and not restrictively, divisively and / or cumulatively consists in loss profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.), which arises for users / visitors of this website, or for third parties, due to a reason related to the operation or not and / or the use of the website and / or inability to provide services and / or information available through it and / or from any unauthorized interference by third parties with products and / or services and / or information available through it.


4. Service Delivery and Replacement Policy 

4.1 The delivery of the requested Internet Services will be made as soon as possible and at the latest pursuant to the contract. DARKPONY supports, promotes and provides high-quality Internet Services which have been carefully designed by experts. 

Defective Services

Despite our constant efforts to ensure that the services we promote to our customers are in excellent condition, there are few cases in which a service can be defective without - most of the time - our own responsibility.

We accept to replace a service, which was badly delivered by us, without any restrictions, only if the problem is identified by you and you inform us about it no later than seven days after receipt of the service. We ask our customers to inform us about it through the "Contact" form of the website or via telephone, recording the exact problem. Our competent employee(s) will contact the customer about it immediately.

4.2 Deliveries - Which countries / regions are covered by DARKPONY 

DARKPONY provides its services all over the world.  

For countries outside the European Union we do not charge VAT but you should be aware that upon receipt of your request you may be required to pay additional taxes / fees. 

4.3 In particular: Consumer Rights & Withdrawal Right 

DARKPONY is obliged to inform the user / visitor, before completing the purchase for: 

a. the main features of the service 

b. the total value of the provided service, including VAT, or any other charge 

c. other additional financial charges 

After the purchase is completed and the user / visitor pays the agreed amount, the company must deliver the agreed service within a reasonable time, i.e. no later than 30 days after the end of the contract. In case of unjustified delay, the user / visitor can terminate the contract, thus obliging the company to return the money received.

Replacement of the services are made only in accordance with what is specified and explained in detail above in term 4 (Service Delivery and Replacement Policy).


5. User Behaviour and Obligations 

5.1 The User accepts and recognizes all intellectual property rights that belong or may belong to DARKPONY (except for specific rights of third parties) regarding the form and content of the Website, which are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, European and International law. Indicatively, these rights concern marks, insignia, photographs, texts, announcements, registered or not. The user / visitor is obliged to comply with all relevant Greek, European and International laws and regulations, including, indicatively and not restrictively, the laws concerning the protection of intellectual property, protection of personal data, protection of competition, etc. Also, the user / visitor must make use of this website and the services offered through it, in accordance with good manners and these Terms.

Therefore, the entire content of the website (indicatively and not restrictively: texts, graphics, photos, digital phonograms, programs, news, information, data, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive features, names, logos, product names , company names, etc.), is an object of intellectual property that belongs exclusively to DARKPONY or to the suppliers of its content and is governed by the applicable national, community and international provisions on Intellectual Property and unfair competition. In any case, the appearance and display of the above on this website should in no way be construed as a transfer or grant of their express or implied license or right of use.

5.2 The User states that he/she will not infringe these rights in any way, as it is expressly prohibited to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, transmit, publish, download, store, translate and modify part or all of the content of the Website and the services offered on it, for commercial or other purposes, in part or in summary, without the prior express written consent of DARKPONY. DARKPONY reserves for any legal and / or contractual rights, except those explicitly mentioned in this paragraph.

5.3 The user states his/her sincere commitment to make lawful and appropriate use of the Website, in compliance with Greek and European legislation.

5.4 The User accepts that he/she understands the international character of the internet and commits to observe the proper behavior (netiquette), and the use of practices and methods that are contrary to this code is expressly prohibited. In cases where the User is given the opportunity to publish or send to DARKPONY any information, audiovisual material, text, link to another website or generally a file readable / executable by a computer or other electronic device, the content is the sole responsibility of the User who sent / published. It is reminded that for every publication / submission it is necessary to have the right to transmit the content either according to the current legislation or based on any legal contractual relationship of the user. 

In any case, the content of the above-mentioned data is prohibited to:

5.4.1 be illegal, abusive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, defamatory, harassing, harmful to minors or express national, racial or other discrimination. 

5.4.2 infringe the intellectual or other property rights of third parties, including trademarks and secrets as well as patents.

5.4.3 include any virus, malware, pop-up and spam that could cause either temporary or permanent damage / malfunction to any hardware component (hardware) or software of computer or smart or non-electronic devices or delays, interference and interruptions in the operation of servers or any telecommunications network. 

5.4.4 contain a false statement regarding the User or an imitation of any person (natural or legal).

5.4.5 contain false, inaccurate or intentionally incomplete information regarding the person, status, personal data and the reason for the visit of the specific User. 

5.5 The User is obliged not to use the Website for the execution of acts, which may result in criminal prosecution or the initiation of any civil or administrative proceedings against DARKPONY  for acts, which are indicatively referred to in the Penal Code, to experts criminal law, personal data protection legislation, telecommunications legislation, the European Convention on Human Rights and the relevant legislation of the European Union, the National Telecommunications Commission, the Personal Data Protection Authority and any other public or administrative body Service, as well as for acts that could infringe any right or other legal interest of DARKPONY  or a third party.

5.6 In case of illegal or contrary to the present terms of use of the Website, the User is obliged to compensate DARKPONY for any damage from this use and immediate removal of the infringement. DARKPONY reserves the right to exercise any other legal right. The user is obliged not to use this website, the website mail, the order and registration forms of the users, the discussion spaces or any other way of expression through this website or the accounts of the Website, for the publication of content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, disturbing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, blasphemous, libelous, violating the privacy of others, showing empathy or expressing racial, ethnic or other discrimination, which may cause harm to anyone may not be transmitted in accordance with the law or under contractual or managerial relationships (such as inside information, property and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements), or infringes intellectual or industrial property rights, or other property rights of third parties.

Every user / visitor of the Website is obliged, in addition, not to perform acts or omissions, which may harm or disrupt its operation and access to third parties, or which may jeopardize the provision of services offered by Web page. The use of the website in an illegal manner or contrary to these Terms, gives rise to an obligation to compensate the Website and DARKPONY for any positive or negative damage suffered by the above behavior. Each user / visitor is also obliged not to provide false information about himself/herself, not to impersonate any other person, not to send spam or group mail, nor multiple copies of messages, and not to collect information about other users / visitors without their consent, including financial data and email addresses.

5.7 The non-compliance of any user / visitor of this website with the applicable law and / or these Terms, gives the Website the right to take the necessary measures and to take any necessary action to address this behavior. Thus, in such cases, it is entitled, as an indication, to prohibit access to services provided through this website or to delete, edit or move messages, respecting the principle of proportionality.

5.8 In the event that any third party takes legal action against DARKPONY or the Administrators of the Website for infringing any of its legal property, which falls under the provisions of the Terms of Use in the scope of the User's responsibility, DARKPONY reserves the right to sue this user. Along with any claims of the third party, DARKPONY reserves the right to demand compensation from the User for breach of the Terms of Use and for any legal consequence arising therefrom.

5.9 The statements and notifications addressed to DARKPONY by the visitors and users of the Website, except the formal ones for the execution of the contracts with our electronic communications store, are obligatorily sent through a registered letter to the headquarters of DARKPONY. The corresponding statements to the user will be made by any suitable means. Any costs or compensation that DARKPONY may be required to pay, due to a violation by a user / visitor of the Website of its obligations, arising from these Terms, shall be borne by the said user / visitor, who is obliged to pay them on the Website. immediately and without having to go to court.


6. Personal Data Protection 

(please see also in detail: The Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy) 

6.1 Legislative framework 

6.1.1 Processing of personal data is any action related to the collection, registration, organization, preservation or storage, modification, export, use, transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, interconnection, seizure, deletion or destruction of personal data (hereinafter referred to as "Edit").

6.1.2 For the processing of the personal data of the User, DARKPONY acts as the Processor and this processing is done in accordance with the current Greek legislation. DARKPONY declares that it fully complies with the provisions of the applicable Greek law (European Regulation 679/2016 and current Greek legislation). 

6.2 Data provided directly by the User

6.2.1 DARKPONY processes the information provided by the User through the Website, either by completing the Contact Form, or by submitting a CV. This information is indicatively: the User's name, e-mail address, telephone number, age, gender, VAT number, competent tax office, as well as any other personal data resulting from his CV. 

6.2.2 If the User disagrees with the use of his/her data for the promotion and advertising of the services of DARKPONY, he/she can state it where asked when completing the above-mentioned contact forms.

6.3 The information submitted by users / visitors of this website to DARKPONY through it, is considered as non-confidential information and is not an asset of the user / visitor in question. The Website may collect limited and necessary information, for its general commercial activities based on Section 6 (1) (f) of the General Regulation for Personal Data 679/2016. It is noted that due to the specificity of the website, it is necessary to collect and process personal data, in order to be able to send the products to the address and face of each user / customer. This information is not disclosed to third parties, nor is it used for any other purpose.

6.4 DARKPONY may keep and process a file of personal data that users / visitors voluntarily register on the Website, always in accordance with the applicable provisions for the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data and under the use of security procedures. The users / visitors of the website recognize and accept the keeping and processing of their personal data for the purposes for which they submit them to DARKPONY. In any case, each subject of the above personal data, reserves against DARKPONY all his/her rights from his/her current legal framework on his/her personal data. Thus, the customer, addressing in writing to the Website, has the right to full information about his/her personal data held by it, the right to object and correct them, the right to portability and the right to withdraw his/her consent, for the processing of personal data that concern him/her, at any time, in accordance with current legislation.

6.5 DARKPONY declares and the customers / users accept that the personal data collected from the Website and concerning the customers / users will be used to manage their request, ie to support, promote and execute the transaction, their better service in the future, their information about related products with the ones they have already bought, as well as their information about future offers and advertising actions of the Website. The recipient of this information is exclusively the Website in the context of the transaction, as well as any natural or legal person to whom, under applicable law, the Website is obliged or entitled to disclose the information, based on the consent of the customer / user, law, or court decision.

6.6 DARKPONY states that, during the period of keeping these data / personal data, it will use them legally, taking the necessary security measures and maintaining their confidentiality, deleting these data from its file, in accordance with the current legislation. The Website takes all appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of user / customer communications and transmitted information and data, in accordance with applicable law. However, the Website does not guarantee the security of data transmitted over networks, to the extent that their protection is not achieved by taking appropriate security measures, imposed by law and any relevant direct, indirect, positive, negative, material or non-material damage that the user may have suffered from accessing the internet.

6.7 Users / visitors are responsible for any posting of personal data of third parties on the Website without the relevant authorization / consent, as well as for the submission of false, untrue or inaccurate data and data.

6.8 For any disputes that may arise between customers or between customers and third parties and are due to messages, data, data or information circulated through the Website, the latter states that the removal of the privacy of the customer's telecommunications is allowed only if and to the extent that the website is required to fulfill its obligation in accordance with current legislation. It is expressly agreed that the above terms, the decisions of the statutory bodies of the State that apply to the transactions of electronic communications, as well as the relevant provisions in force at the time are governed by Greek Law. 

6.9 According to the Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated in Greece with the Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic settlement of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure (ADR) is now provided throughout the European Union.

If the customer has the status of a consumer (ie a natural person, acting outside the professional capacity) and has any problem with a purchase made from our Website, he/she can initiate the ADR process through the single European platform for the electronic settlement of disputes ( ADR platform) available at the following email address:

6.10 DARKPONY is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the arbitrary or illegal use of the above data and reserves the right to claim compensation from the user, in case of any damage from arbitrary or illegal use as well as to refuse the assignment of a password or to cancel an assigned password or to terminate the provision of these services to the user in case of violation of these terms of use.

If the user / visitor voluntarily discloses his/her personal or sensitive data through this website directly to third parties, it is up to him/her to investigate the terms of protection of this data by such third parties. The user / visitor accepts that the Website has absolutely no responsibility for such disclosures and for the consequent any use of such data by other persons. Similarly, DARKPONY bears absolutely no responsibility for any disclosure by users / visitors of this website of personal and / or sensitive data of third parties through the website, without the prior consent of the data carrier concerned. 

Users / visitors should be aware that sending confidential information via email is not the safest way to communicate, as there is always the risk of reading this information by third parties.

6.11 Data Obtained via Cookies 

6.11.1 Microdata - Cookies 

(please also see in detail: The Cookies Policy and the Data Protection Policy)

The Website uses small files called cookies to help us customize your experience. Cookies are small text files that contain information, which are sent by the Website management software and stored on the computer hard drive or in the storage space of each User's mobile device. Microdata are sent when you visit the Website. This information may include the type of server that each User uses, the type of computer, its operating system, ISPs, and other such information.

6.11.2 Microdata do not damage either your computer or your mobile device or the files stored on it and they do not access any document or file from the User's computer. The microdata cannot reveal the identity of the User but may be used to identify his/her computer. 

6.11.3 Microdata are typically classified into session microdata (functionality microdata) and permanent microdata. Session microdata do not remain on the User's computer when he/she exits the website or browser. The permanent microdata are the one that remain on the User's computer in order to allow his/her recognition by the Website and to facilitate his/her navigation on it. Permanent microdata can be deleted by the user himself/herself.

6.11.4 The use of microdata is technically necessary for the complete realization of the User's connection to the Website. For this reason, before browsing the Website, the User is required to accept the storage of microdata files on his computer, according to Section 5 (3) of Directive 2002/58 / EC, as it has been transposed into Greek law. 

6.11.5 DARKPONY can utilize the microdata for various reasons, indicatively:

(a) For the purpose of conducting surveys for statistical reasons and / or to improve the content and services of the Website and / or to assess its effectiveness as well as for the instantaneous recording of public trends. 

(b) For marketing purposes in order to measure the effectiveness of the ads on our Website, how visitors use it, as well as for the display of ads related to the website of DARKPONY on other websites, based on the previous visits of the User in it. 

(c) Ability to present and operate advertising messages (banners). 

(d) Social networking microdata.

6.11.6 DARKPONY can use web beacons (also called transparent GIF files, pixels or action tags, web bugs). These technologies are codes that provide a small graphical representation of a website or email. Web beacons can identify certain types of information on your computer, such as the microdata, the date and time a page was viewed, and a description of the page where the web beacon is located. In general, any file that was part of a website can act as a web beacon. Web beacons are used for the purpose of evaluating the user experience and preferences, as well as statistical recording. Third parties may also use web beacons on the Website to obtain audit, research and reporting information or to understand the User's interests and to tailor these ads.

6.11.7 Some of the third-party partners of the Website may use Flash type data, otherwise known as Locally Shared Objects (LSOs). Flash microdata is used to identify the user's interests through the Sections you advise and more generally to monitor user behavior. LSOs ​​maintain data sets such as microdata, stored in a directory on a user's computer, and are installed through Adobe Flash Player.

6.12 Customer Data of DARKPONY 

6.12.1 DARKPONY processes the personal data of its customers for the purposes imposed by the execution of the contract and agreement between them. 

6.12.2 The User gives his/her consent, expressly agrees and unconditionally accepts any processing action that DARKPONY will carry out in the context of the provision of its Services to the User, indicatively in order to represent the User, and to mediate in the relevant procedures with the public and tax authorities to ensure and service the financial, accounting, tax and other related needs of the User.

6.12.3 The personal data of the User are kept throughout the contract with DARKPONY and for three (3) years after its expiration, unless a longer period is provided based on the current tax legislation. You can request the deletion of your personal data as soon as possible, which we will comply with, if permitted.

6.13 User Consent 

6.13.1 The User of the Website and of the services must carefully read the Terms of Use, and in case of disagreement must first refrain from it and inform the Tsilonis-Vogiatzoglou Law Firm, holder of the European trademark “Newlaw”, 10 Tsimiski str., 546 24 Thessaloniki, tel. 2310 551 501, fax: 2310 261 503, e-mail:, which is the Data Protection Officer of DARKPONY (hereinafter, the "Data Protection Officer").

6.13.2 By accepting the Terms of Use and by voluntarily providing the required personal data, the User provides his/her consent, expressly agrees and unconditionally accepts the processing of this personal data, which is done in accordance with the terms of the Terms of Use.

6.13.3 The User has the right to withdraw his/her consent for the processing of his/her data at any time. However, this withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on his/her consent to the period prior to the withdrawal, nor the further processing of the same data, which is carried out under another legal basis, such as contract performance or the need to comply with a legal obligation, to which DARKPONY is subject.

6.14 Purpose of processing 

6.14.1 Any processing of personal data made by DARKPONY takes place for legitimate and lawful purposes related to the provision of the services chosen by the User.

6.14.2 The User expressly declares and accepts that the personal data that he/she registers and discloses to DARKPONY  and which are collected and processed by it, are relevant, appropriate and not more than what is required in view of the aforementioned processing purposes.

6.14.3 The personal data of the User are used exclusively either for the service of his/her own financial and tax needs or for internal use by DARKPONY, or on behalf of IRS (ΑΑΔΕ) if this is lawfully requested competently and we are legally obliged to cooperate. The data is also used to promote the services of DARKPONY. For example, the e-mail addresses of the Users are used for the communication with the customers of DARKPONY through social networking.

6.14.4 DARKPONY commits not to use the personal data of the User for purposes other than those mentioned herein, without prior notice and, where required, its approval. 

6.15. Right to be informed, right to access and object

6.15.1 The User reserves the rights prescribed by the provisions of Sections 15-22 of European Regulation 2016/679.

6.15.2 In particular, the User reserves the right to be informed about the processing, to have access to the personal data concerning him/her and which are or have been processed, as well as to object the processing of data concerning him/her, in accordance with the provisions of Sections 15-22 of European Regulation 679/2016, as well as the current Greek legislation. Regarding the objections, he/she may in particular request the correction, the temporary non-use, the seizure, the transfer or not, or even the deletion of his/her personal data. 

6.15.3 For the proper exercise of the rights provided to the User pursuant to the aforementioned provisions, contacting DARKPON and the Responsible Data Protection Officer is essential.


7. Hyperlinks 

7.1 Via appropriate links within the Website, access to third party websites may be provided. The placement of these links has been done for the sole purpose of facilitating the User during their internet browsing. It is in no way an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed with the hyperlink. Each link leads to a different website, the browsing of which is subject to the terms of use of this website. DARKPONY is not responsible in any case for the content / services of other websites, whose "hyperlinks" or ads are posted on the Website, does not guarantee their availability and is not responsible for any damage caused from their use, as the visitor / user accesses them solely at his/her own risk. Finally, DARKPONY bears absolutely no responsibility for the content and the personal data management policy of the website listed with a link and invites the User to carefully check the Terms of Use, the Data Protection Policy, and the Microdata Policy (Cookies) of websites visited through provided hyperlinks.


8. Modification of Terms of Use 

8.1 DARKPONY may at any time modify this text in writing and without justification. Therefore, the User is advised to periodically check the content of these terms and as long as he/she continues to use the Website and the services to accept the modified Terms of Use. Otherwise, he/she must abstain from using the services and inform DARKPONY about it. In the event of total or partial invalidity or inability to apply individual terms, the validity of all other terms is not affected.


9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

9.1 These Terms of Use, as well as any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them and any dispute, in general, arising from the use of this website or relating to these Terms, applicable law, according to the site permanent establishment, operation and economic activity of the store and its country of origin, are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Greek Law. If any provision is deemed invalid or void by the competent Greek court, it ceases to be valid, without this affecting the validity of the other Terms. Any omission by the side of DARKPONY to exercise a specific right or condition arising from this does not constitute a waiver thereof. It is expressly agreed and mutually accepted that the Courts of Thessaloniki will have exclusive jurisdiction regarding any dispute or claim that may arise between DARKPONY and the User and is governed by this.

9.2 However, it is noteworthy that DARKPONY has the constant aim to resolve amicably and out of court any disputes that may arise from the use and / or interpretation and application of these terms of use. For this reason, in case you, as a user / member, identify a legally and / or ethically problematic element, information or topic on the website, please immediately inform the administrator of the website at 


10. Contact us 

10.1 For any clarification and provision of information related to the use of the Website the user / visitor can address DARKPONY, based at 40 Makedonias St., 555 35 Pylaia Thessaloniki, tel.: +30 2313 008 705, VAT No: 800630294, IRS: Z’ Thessaloniki, e-mail: info(at)darkpony(dot)com as well as the Data Protection Officer of DARKPONY, Tsilonis-Vogiatzoglou Law Firm (Newlaw), Tsimiski 10, 546 24 Thessaloniki, tel. 2310 551 501, fax: 2310 261 503, e-mail: