What is web hosting

Web Hosting is an important service provided in order to upload the website on the Internet. Specifically, a server is "rented" for a period of time, usually one year.

Many times the hosting packages include conditions which are difficult to evaluate even by an experienced internet user. For this reason we simplify the hosting packages in order to determine any company needs through them.

In most cases hosting is closely linked with email services. For more information on our email packages click here.

Shared Hosting

The cheapest and most common hosting package is shared hosting. I can be described as simple as a building with several apartments. All tenants share their "resources" (CPU, Memory, Disk Space) together. The risk, however of such a service is high. If a “DOD” attack occurs to a website, then all websites associated with this server are vulnerable. As a sequence email services will be affected. When an email marked as a spam, then all emails coming from he same server are stigmatized as spams, creating communication obstacles.

For these reasons, our company provides Shared Dedicated Hosting services. On these servers we upload only our own projects with the same characteristics (corporate website, portal, eshop). The number of the projects placed in each server are not exceed at all server capabilities. In order to ensure the quality of offered services through Dedicated Shared Hosting, we are not providing of email services.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)

The VPS Hosting is similar to owning a building. You are sharing your property, but you are responsible for all needed repairs. The use of these service provides guaranteed resources while maintaining administrative privileges of  the hosting.

Cloud hosting vs hosting web

The cloud servers are a combination of the resources of a group of servers connected together in order to increase features and performance, ensuring 100% uptime. The differences between cloud hosting and a web hosting is that the use of cloud servers minimize slowdowns or downtimes of the site due to lack of resources. Scalability of the infrastructure does not exist or is limited for web hosting packages.

All hosting packages are offered in cloud servers and on dedicated servers.
For more information about the hosting packages please contact us.