Recent Work

Responsive website design and development for ¬ęThe Hotel Photography¬Ľ (by BIGAV).
A website that showcases and celebrates creativity fitness and health. This is what we did when we designed and developed the website for Athletes Performance Nicosia.
Escluso is a successful handmade jewellery store in Nicosia, Cyprus. It sells designs from famous designers and a special line from the store owner Elena Andreou.
Responsive website design and development for POV, a Photography studio in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Design and development for Disturbed Jewelry eShop, a unique online store for handcrafted jewelry.
Extraordinary wineries deserve extraordinary websites. Alpha Estate's new website highlights the award-winning harvest and wines!
Envisioned by Darkpony Ltd, in|shape Cyprus is web start-up aiming at the niche market of health clubs in Cyprus.

Our Products

Media Rental System

A web application to manage, rent or sell different kind of media (DVD's, Blu-Ray, video games) directly from your website.


Agenda is a powerful fully customised web application, developed to assist users in effectively and efficiently scheduling appointments, meetings and events.


Flourish your online business using the scalability, reliability, flexibility and features that eMporium e-commerce solution offers.


A web application solution, concerning enterprise management of aviation industry that aims to cut operational and processing costs.

PearlCMS (B2B)

An innovative content management system, that aims to provide sales managers and distributors greater visibility into sales and distribution channels.

Darkpony WebCMS

A web-based system that provides authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users create and manage website content with relative ease.